понедельник, 26 марта 2018 г.

Скоро выпускной экзамен по английскому языку!!!
  Данный ресурс поможет тебе  хорошо подготовиться, чтобы  чувствовать себя уверенно на всех трех этапах экзамена (собеседование по прочитанному тексту; собеседование по прослушанному тексту; беседа по ситуации общения).

Адукар расскажет больше....

Exams bring out the best in some people and the worst in others. Whatever your case is, you may be in a situation where you have to do them. Remind yourself that you can only do your best and your best is all that you can do! 

Do you speak English? It's your favourite question. I know you can speak English.  Some of you think speaking  is the most stressful part of exam. You are mistaken!
Don't panic and follow this advice!

1. To improve your speaking  you should listen to songs, films,  video clips which will help you to feel more confident about speaking.
2.Speak  English regularly in class or practise your speaking skills at home  in front of a mirror, you will find it easier to speak in an exam.
3.Before you speak, think carefully about what to say and speak a little slower than normal.
4.Use words and expressions you have used before.
5.Use your best language and pronunciation.
6. If you don’t know a word, think of another way to say it.
7.Listen to yourself while you speak and if you hear a mistake, correct it. 
8.If you don’t understand the question, ask the examiner ‘Could you repeat your question, please?’
9. Always say something. Don’t just say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. Explain your answer with a reason. Say ‘Yes, I agree  or I think....’
10.Speak clearly so that the examiner can hear you.
11. There  will be  three examiners. One who talks to you, one who listens to you and one who writes your mistakes. Say hello and goodbye to your examiners, but during the exam, focus on the examiner who talks to you.
12. Finally, remember  the examiners are normal human beings, not aliens!

Some of  you  think that listening is the most difficult part of exam. How to get good marks in listening?  
This advice is for you!
1.Use any extra time before you listen to the text to read the questions.
2. Always read the questions carefully.
3. Focus on the key information in the question.
4.The first time you should listen for general understanding and the second time for more specific information according to the questions.
5. If you don't hear answers the first time, don't panic.Take a few deep breaths and use your common sense. Listen for the answers the second time.
6.If you  don't hear any or all the  answers the second time, think about the context and write answers that make sense. Use your common sense and guess – you might be right.

воскресенье, 4 февраля 2018 г.

Как « выжить» на выпускном экзамене по английскому языку?

Очень  просто. Для этого необходимо выучить полезные выражения для определенных ситуаций.

Ситуация 1.Тебе нужно дополнительное время, чтобы ответить на вопрос.

-Well, you see
-Now, let me see/think
-Just a moment
-Just a second

Ситуация 2.Ты забыл какую-то информацию.
-I’m afraid I can’t remember.

-I’ve completely forgotten.
-Oh no, it completely slipped my mind.

Ситуация 3. Ты пытаешься вспомнить какую-то информацию.

-As far as I can remember
-If I’m not mistaken
-It’s on the tip of my tongue

Ситуация 4. Ты не знаешь ответа на вопрос.

-Sorry, I don’t know.
-Sorry, I have no idea.
-I don’t know anything about it.
-I haven’t got a clue.
-I wish I knew.

Ситуация 5. Ты не совсем понял вопрос.

-I beg your pardon?
-I’m afraid I haven’t heard what you said.
-Could you repeat it , please?
-I’m afraid I don’t understand.
-Sorry, what does the word “------“ mean?
-Could you say it in other words?
-Could you tell me what the English/Russian for “---“ is?

Ситуация 6. Тебе нужна помощь преподавателя.

-Can I ask you a favour?
-Could you help me with this?
-I need some help, please.

Ситуация 7. Тебе нужно дополнительное время, чтобы подготовиться к ответу.

-I’m afraid I’m not ready yet.
Could you give me another minute or two, please?